Designer Spotlight: E.L. Designs

May 2, 2019

If you’ve been to Dean’s Jewelry lately you may have noticed some of our pieces from E.L. Designs. There is so much to love about this collection! The pieces are American-made, they’re artistic, and they span so many different styles. From abstract statement earrings to simple gemstone rings, truly there’s something to suit every taste. Here’s just a glimpse …

EL Designs

A little background …

E.L. Designs is the brain child of Peter Tonjes. Peter first discovered his passion when he attended a jewelry class after school at the age of twelve. How cool is that?! From there he attended a design school in England and received a Bachelor’s in metal arts from State University of New York. Fresh out of college he was hired on by Ed Levin.

His career at Ed Levin continued to flourish until 2012 when he purchased the company. E.L. Designs is the evolution, combining fashion forward designs with the foundation that Ed Levin had built.

We love stories like this because it adds so much personality to the jewelry that you see in the cases. There’s something special about knowing that each design is part of a larger vision. And when we think about how much passion and thought has gone into every single jewelry piece … well, we almost get the chills.

Is anyone with us?! To check out E.L. Designs for yourself swing by Dean’s Jewelry in Mount Vernon or Coshocton. We love showing this stuff off! 

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