Keep Your Jewelry Safe This Summer

June 28, 2019

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Summer is here! While pool parties, gardening projects, and beach days are all good for the soul, they can take a toll on our favorite jewelry pieces. If you want to keep your accessories sparkling through the summer, and beyond, here are a few expert tips from Dean’s Jewelry. 

Stock Up On Jewelry Cleaner: The best way to keep your jewelry safe is to keep it away from chlorine, sunscreen, sweat, and bug spray. During the summer months that’s near impossible. We get it! To combat the impact of these substances get yourself a great jewelry cleaner and use it religiously. If you don’t already have one that you love, grab one at Dean’s Jewelry.

Keep Your Bling Secure: Technically you shouldn’t be swimming with your jewelry on. But, we know some of you are going to do it anyways. Before you do come by Dean’s Jewelry to ensure that your rings are properly sized and your earring backs are nice and snug. There’s nothing worse than coming up from a nice cold dip to realize that you lost your beautiful jewelry at the bottom of the pool.

Make A Safe Place: Dig through your drawer to find a jewelry pouch, or go out and buy something stylish. Just make sure it has a zipper versus a drawstring! Stash that in your purse and then every time you want to dig your hands in the dirt or splash around in the pool, put your jewelry inside the pouch. By putting it in the same place every time you can avoid those “where did I put my jewelry” panic attacks.   

For maximum protection set your gemstones aside when you head out to enjoy those sweet summer vibes. That said, if you must show off that bling we hope this guidance keeps your prized possessions safe, from sun up until sun down. Now, go get summer! 

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