Repair, Redesign, & Recycle Event

July 11, 2019

Take a look through your jewelry box. How many pieces are broken? How many are straight up out of style? And, how many are you keeping around solely because they are sentimental? Don’t let them gather dust any longer. Bring them to Dean’s Jewelry July 15th through July 27th for our repair, redesign, and recycle event.

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Need a little incentive to bring your broken jewelry pieces to Dean’s? Well, through July 27th we’re offering 20% off of all repairs. Just think how much your glam potential will increase once you’ve fixed all of those broken chains and loose stones!


Sometimes we grow apart from our jewelry. It’s okay! Rather than getting rid of those sparkly stones and precious metals, why not turn them into something new? Something that agrees with your current style. Not the one you were rocking in 1992.


Ready to start fresh? Trade in your unwanted jewelry items and we’ll give you store credit to purchase something new. It’s a win/win for everyone. You get to walk home with something sparkly and we’ll repurpose your old jewelry so that it can live on.   

Mark your calendars! We hope to see you all there and are looking forward to helping you get your bling back whether you decide to repair, redesign, or recycle.

Deans Jewelry