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Jewelry Superstitions

October 23, 2018

Halloween is just around the corner. From witches flying on broomsticks to placing glowing pumpkins on the front porch this time of year is rich with superstitious activities. To add to the list, we decided to uncover some of the oldest jewelry myths. You never know, as the witching hour gets closer, some of these may even come in handy …

Ward Off Evil Spirits

Throughout history various cultures have relied on evil eye pendants to help keep evil spirits away. The eye is through to offer protection and also offer good luck to the wearer.

Prevent Intoxication

In Ancient Greece Amethyst was thought to be powerful enough to prevent intoxication. This is why Greeks were often found drinking from goblets made of the gemstone.

Avoid A Poisonous Bite

As insects lurk around this Halloween the red or “blood” agate could be helpful in protecting against the poisonous bite of spiders and scorpions.

Only Good Vibes

Rubies have long been known to possess many magical properties. Among them the ability to prevent evil thoughts, alleviate anger, and aid in resolving arguments.

See The Future

Instead of wearing an emerald, place it under your tongue to release its many powers. In doing so you may see the future, reveal truths, and protect yourself from evil spells.

Happy {almost} Halloween everyone! If you’re looking for jewelry pieces to keep you safe this ghoulish season, come visit us at Dean’s Jewelry.