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The Magical Opal

October 15, 2018

Happiest of birthdays to all of the October babies out there! While Pink Tourmaline is often considered the primary birthstone for this month we tend to prefer the alternative. The magical opal.

Coming in many colors and extremely interactive with light, opals are a highly unpredictable stone. This is exactly why we love them. Not only do they offer a mesmerizing look, but they’re also known to possess magical properties. Here are just a few …    

  • Opals are known to boost creativity and memory. For these reasons, it’s a great healing stone for students.
  • When one gazes into an opal it’s believe that they can enhance psychic abilities, increase intuition, and recall past lives.
  • When set in gold and worn on the right index finger opals are thought to enhance foresight, empathy, and confidence.
  • If you’re looking for protection invest in a fire opal. They are known to prevent injury and also ward off natural disasters.
  • Opal is a stone of inspiration, imagination and emotion. As a result, it can be a valuable asset to those working in a creative field.

Now you know – opals are much more than just beautiful stones. October birthday or not, if want to bring a little magic into your life stop by Dean’s Jewelers to check out our stunning opal jewelry collections. We have plenty of amazing pieces from top designers such as LaFonn and LeVian just waiting to unleash their powers.