What We're Thankful For

November 19, 2018


Thanksgiving is just around the corner. As a retailer, it’s easy to look at this particular holiday as the official start to a season of madness. It’s easy to lose sleep over promotions, inventory, client wish lists, and how to make everyone’s dreams come true. It’s easy to forget what it’s really all about.

Well, this year we decided to hit the pause button. Amidst the holiday planning we took some time as a team to sit down and reflect on all of our blessings. Turns out we are so lucky. Here is just a short list of the things that we are thankful for …

  • Our amazing clients {psst, that’s you} for trusting in us – again and again 
  • The opportunity to be in an industry centered around life’s most magical moments
  • Our community for welcoming us with open arms and giving us a greater sense of purpose
  • This ambitious, creative, and entertaining team that we get to be a part of
  • The inspiring designers that we get to work with every single day
  • Our families for their continuous love and support
  • The busy days at the store, full of energy and magic moments
  • The slower days at the store when we get to catch up {and try on all the jewelry}
  • Our fellow small businesses for creating a positive, collaborative environment 
  • This magical earth for creating all of the beautiful gemstones that we love so much

Happy almost Thanksgiving everyone. Whatever you have planned we hope that your holiday is full of good eats, great company, and plenty to be thankful for. We’re going to soak up the down time and then you better believe we’ll be there to greet you bright and early on Friday. 

Deans Jewelry