And, We're Back

March 6, 2018

Hey, remember us? After a bit of a hiatus we’ve decided to reenter the blogosphere. In the past our blog was here to keep you informed on industry news. To update you on the latest celebrity engagements. And, to keep you entertained with fun jewelry facts. 

Well, this time around we’re approaching things a little bit differently.

Along with all of the topics of old, our new blog will be a little more personal. As customers of Dean’s Jewelry come here to find out what we’re up to, see what we’re excited about, and better understand what we believe in.

The fun kicks off this month and we can’t wait to be back. After all this blog is just another opportunity for us to share with those that we care about the most. You. Our customers.

Stay tuned for our next post later this month, and thank you for reading!

Deans Jewelry