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Gemstones For Spring

April 23, 2018

Spring has arrived and we’re celebrating with stunning gemstones! If you want to embrace the season and add some color to wardrobe you’re not going to want to miss our upcoming Gem Tasting with world-renowned gem-faceter, Roger Dery.

This exclusive, invite-only event will take place at Dean’s Jewelry in Mount Vernon on Tuesday, May 8th. Attendees will have an opportunity to see over one hundred stones, learn more about the craft, and be part of the jewelry making process.

If you want an invite be sure to contact us ASAP. Only twenty spots are available. There will be gemstones in every color of the rainbow, in all shapes, and in all sizes. Here are some of the varieties that we’re most excited about … because, they just scream spring! 


Who doesn’t love sapphires? While these beautiful stones come in a variety of hues, pink sapphires are some of the rarest. Add them to any wardrobe to instantly achieve a bright, spring look. Or, even better, incorporate them into your bridal set for a colorful alternative to diamonds. Not only are they extremely strong, but they’re also the perfect symbol of everlasting love.


One of our favorite things about green tourmalines is that every single stone is different. Some of them offer a soft pastel look that’s perfect for spring. Others are so dark that you may even need to hold them against a light to detect their green hue. Along with these stunning physical properties green tourmalines are also believed to possess magical powers.  Wear them for good luck, to inspire your creativity, and to attract abundance into your life.


Purple spinels are known for delivering a look that’s very rich and pure. This is because they are singly refractive, meaning that the light passing through them emerges as a single ray. Other stones with this property include diamonds and garnets. Along with offering that fire that we all crave Purple Spinels are known to be very calming. If you need healing or are looking to reduce stress in your life, this is the gemstone for you.


Yellow sapphires offer an affordable alternative to colored diamonds and continue to grow in popularity. They come in a variety of shades and specialty cuts so that you can find a look that perfectly suits your style. But, that’s not all! These beautiful stones have long been known to bring wisdom and prosperity into the lives of those that wear them. Who knows, maybe they’ll even pay for themselves!

Craving more? Call Dean’s Jewelry in Mount Vernon to snag your invite to our May 8th Gem Tasting or to set up a private appointment for Wednesday, May 9th. We’re so lucky to have Roger Dery and his wife Ginger in the store to help us kick off spring in style. And, with lots of sparkle! We hope to see you all there!!